Jag älskar att äta buffé eftersom att jag gillar att plocka lite av mycket! I love to eat buffet because I like to pick a little of a lot!

All buffets made and eaten by me!

Buffé är det perfekta sättet att umgås tycker jag. Många små rätter av buffémat som smakar underbart tillsammans.
Buffet is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends , I think. Many small dishes of buffet meals that taste great together.
Kan du känna doften av sommar ~ Can You smell the scent of summer
Desserterna på julafton ~ Desserts on christmas
Kafferep ~ Coffee and Cake buffet
Liten vernissage buffé för närmsta vänner ~ Opening buffet with closest friends
Påskpyssel buffé för barn ~ Crafts buffet for kids at eastertime
En mini julbrunch ~ Brunch with a christmastheme
Saftbuffé ~ Juice buffet
Adventsbuffé ~ Advent buffet
Frukostbuffé i min gamla lägenhet ~ Buffet breakfast in my old apartment
Påskbuffé ~ Easter buffet
Tårtbuffé ~ Cake buffet
 Sommarbuffé ~ Summer buffet
Brunch hemma i köket ~ Brunch home in the kitchen
Liten frukostbuffé hemma en sommardag ~ Small breakfast buffet at home on a beautiful summer day
Grillkorvbuffé en vacker höstdag Grilling Buffet a autumn day with good friends
Liten efterrättsbuffé ~ A small dessert buffet

Dinosaur flowerpot


Foto: Petter Johansson, Metro

The founder of DesertDino , Nina Asp, got the idea when she was away on a two-month long roadtrip in the United States.

The constant quest for unique decor then made Nina designing herself. Old toy dinosaurs get a new life by being transformed into a pot of cacti ! The dinosaurs are from different flea markets and are re-made and pimped up in Stockholm, Sweden. All dinosaurs includes a cacti or succulent. 
Through the DesertDino Nina wants to show the unique and exclusive interior design does not need to be newly produced , but just as well come from recycled materials. Well done Nina!

Meet my turquoise dinofriend ”Ella”

This is Ellas other friends that like to hang out in my kitchen. 
I really enjoy their company!

Free spirit

Do You have a free spirit? 

Are you tired of living a life that everyone else wants you to live? Would you rather be a free spirit in your life? Being a free spirit is actually just about being the real you!

Living as a free spirit includes doing things that make you happy, accepting yourself for who you are, understanding that your beliefs are okay, and living the life that YOU want to live. A free spirit is honest with themselves at all times and is not afraid to show the world who they truly are. In the end, a free spirit is always happier than someone who is not free, because they can be who they honestly want to, and are meant to, become.

Because a free spirit has no fear about whom they really are, and where they are going, they do not need to hide behind any kind of mask. They have an attitude that they are perfect just the way they are, and they make no apologies for being who they are.

When you are a persistent people pleaser, you are not allowing yourself to be true to yourself. Instead, you are trying to please other people and live your life around what they want, expect, and desire. How can you be a free spirit when you are not even living your own life?




I am constantly looking for new ideas and love to go exploring among colors, new fabrics and furnishings. Like the pirates looking for treasures of gold, I’m also looking for things that makes life glitters and sparkles. Things that makes my heart skip a beat and I want to jump up high.

So my house is always changing. Think it’s fun to change lots of things. Change means development for me, and who don’t want to develop in life. 

Here you can see some examples from my kitchen that I documented but believe me, it is not all and more will there be, so long as I feel I want to evolve.


bild 3 kopia
Chef Mikael Aldén cooking for television, in our kitchen…

bild 2
Singer/ songwriter Jamie Meyer in action, in our kitchen

 Very old pic ⬆️






Sweeping view

Pictures from my homereportage about a lifeloving sweet woman, Anki. She have created a beautiful, colorful home with open floor plan that have ocean view from every window.

In a harmonious way, Anki have combined Danish lighting classics, with colordetails and lots of art.  This is a home to enjoy.

Like Manhattan

Life on ” Älvstranden ” experienced by those who live there to be very exuberant and you can draw parallels to the international neighborhoods like Manhattan in New York with its proximity to the waterfront and the central location.
The area has so much to offer, sourdough bakeries, fish shops, flower shops, and lots of cozy little restaurants, right by the sea.
Here on ” Älvstranden ” Anki lives a rich social life and a good life.

Everyday Magic

Wonderful interview about Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau who along with her husband Philippe started and owns the successful colorful interior design company RICE ?

Love and parts Charlotte’s mantra, to enjoy the little things of life everyday, ”Everyday Magic”. Creating magic every singel day?
Read the interview here: Interview Charlotte

Maroccan carpets

Boucherouite, on top of my wish list 

Wonderfully extravagant in colour and timeless in design the Boucherouite carpet is exuberate and delightfully irresistible. Scraps of old clothes are given new life as they become part of an infinite fantasy, a rug of rags. But there is nothing shabby about the rag rug, it is a fusion of splendour, happiness and divine creativity.

Delicious Pannacotta

The world’s most delicious Pannacotta

5 cup of cream

1/2 cup of sugar

1 vanilla pod

2 gelatin sheet


First put the gelatine leaves in water.

Cut the vanilla pod in half and scrape out the seeds. Let the seeds and pod cook with cream and sugar . When simmered for about 1 minute , then squeeze the gelatine from the water and whisk into the cream mixture . Remove from the heat , strain the vanilla pod . Pour into jars , various types of small glasses , what you have at home . Let stand about 2-3 hours in the refrigerator. Garnish with passion fruit.


Happy New Year 2016

I Love seafood and so does my family! For starter we had bleak roe toast and after that I served beautiful mussels with white wine, garlic and parsley, Moules mariniere.

Ponfritte in small pots on the side. Garlic gratin crayfish and ordinary crayfish as accessories.
The table setting was a mix of different kind of porcelain but the most distinctive was probably the beautiful fish platter from RICE spring and summer collection SS16
I made the crayfish plateau from different barrels and colorful melamine mugs also from RICE . 
Happy New Year everyone?

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