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”Hemmahos” reportage

Ren lycka var det för mig och fota i detta färgsprakande, vackra och personliga hus. 

Jag njöt varje sekund som jag fick tassa omkring och jobba mig runt, rum för rum.

Att det bor människor här som lever och andas färg, inredning, blommor, allt som tillhör livets goda råder det inga tvivel om.

Tack Kristina min vän för att jag fick komma hem till dig. Vilken underbar dag vi hade tillsammans! 

Mer om Kristina och hennes vackra hem får ni läsa till sommaren i inredningstidningen Hus & Hem

Kram, Leonor



I am constantly looking for new ideas and love to go exploring among colors, new fabrics and furnishings. Like the pirates looking for treasures of gold, I’m also looking for things that makes life glitters and sparkles. Things that makes my heart skip a beat and I want to jump up high.

So my house is always changing. Think it’s fun to change lots of things. Change means development for me, and who don’t want to develop in life. 

Here you can see some examples from my kitchen that I documented but believe me, it is not all and more will there be, so long as I feel I want to evolve.


bild 3 kopia
Chef Mikael Aldén cooking for television, in our kitchen…

bild 2
Singer/ songwriter Jamie Meyer in action, in our kitchen

 Very old pic ⬆️






Twin sisters and best friends

My near and dear friends Petra and Erika lives with their families on the little island Brännö in the westcoast of Sweden. They have built a truly wonderful semi-detached house where they are living a peaceful, life-loving life together.
I had the privilege to photograph their home for the décor magazine ”House and Home”, and it was a true delight. Not only are they two of my closest friends, but also role models for how to live life.
To enjoy the little things in life everyday, every day can be a celebration, don’t take life for granted , be close to loved ones and season life with good food, lovely freshly baked pastries, picnics and lots of love and laughter.
Thanks Petra and Erika!