RICE wallpaper

I just say WOW !

RICE have made a new wallpaper collection in collaboration with Dutch ”Eijffinger” and the result is so so lovely-

It’s funky, happy and colorful, just my style. I love it.

Now take a look at this eye candy ?







If you just like I was instantly in love, get in touch with the Swedish agent ” Intrade ”, they will help You to find a dealer near You.

Take care, Leonor

Pink fall

It’s so beautiful with our seasons. Color ranges of pink and red. Think, however, that we can skip the gray and rainy period during November and December.
We could skip the rainy season and rather jump ahead to the cold and white winter. Snow makes the whole scenery and landscape beautiful.
To go snowracing and sledding with the kids, drink hot chocolate and have picnics.


But now we are here, and right now it’s a beautiful pink-red fall outside the window. The sun warms us through the windows and we drink juice and eat freshly baked cookies almost every day.

Twin sisters and best friends

My near and dear friends Petra and Erika lives with their families on the little island Brännö in the westcoast of Sweden. They have built a truly wonderful semi-detached house where they are living a peaceful, life-loving life together.
I had the privilege to photograph their home for the décor magazine ”House and Home”, and it was a true delight. Not only are they two of my closest friends, but also role models for how to live life.
To enjoy the little things in life everyday, every day can be a celebration, don’t take life for granted , be close to loved ones and season life with good food, lovely freshly baked pastries, picnics and lots of love and laughter.
Thanks Petra and Erika!