Dinosaur flowerpot


Foto: Petter Johansson, Metro

The founder of DesertDino , Nina Asp, got the idea when she was away on a two-month long roadtrip in the United States.

The constant quest for unique decor then made Nina designing herself. Old toy dinosaurs get a new life by being transformed into a pot of cacti ! The dinosaurs are from different flea markets and are re-made and pimped up in Stockholm, Sweden. All dinosaurs includes a cacti or succulent. 
Through the DesertDino Nina wants to show the unique and exclusive interior design does not need to be newly produced , but just as well come from recycled materials. Well done Nina!

Meet my turquoise dinofriend ”Ella”

This is Ellas other friends that like to hang out in my kitchen. 
I really enjoy their company!

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