Free spirit

Do You have a free spirit? 

Are you tired of living a life that everyone else wants you to live? Would you rather be a free spirit in your life? Being a free spirit is actually just about being the real you!

Living as a free spirit includes doing things that make you happy, accepting yourself for who you are, understanding that your beliefs are okay, and living the life that YOU want to live. A free spirit is honest with themselves at all times and is not afraid to show the world who they truly are. In the end, a free spirit is always happier than someone who is not free, because they can be who they honestly want to, and are meant to, become.

Because a free spirit has no fear about whom they really are, and where they are going, they do not need to hide behind any kind of mask. They have an attitude that they are perfect just the way they are, and they make no apologies for being who they are.

When you are a persistent people pleaser, you are not allowing yourself to be true to yourself. Instead, you are trying to please other people and live your life around what they want, expect, and desire. How can you be a free spirit when you are not even living your own life?


Live in the moment. It’s easy to spend so much time in your own head that you never actually connect with the things around you. Maybe you’re playing out fantasies, arguments, or zombie apocalypse scenarios in your head when you’re supposed to be having a conversation. Maybe you’re trying so hard to imagine how you look to the people walking past you on the street that you don’t even notice what a gloriously sunny day it is. Engage with the people, places, and things around you on a deeper level and you’ll find that your reactions to them will suddenly become a lot more authentic.

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